Thursday, May 29, 2008

Training Session 5/29/08

Practice went well to day. After Saturday's race i was feeling good. I knew what i had to work on in order to improve my times. I had hurdles practice to day with my coach, Steven Mcgill. I had to emphasize snapping my leg down in order to get quicker over the hurdle. I felt practice went very well. This is just one of my training methods in order to get faster.

For those who know my story I was not able to run school track. Anyways I had to run 42s with the collegiates until summer track began. I ended up running 13.91...yes that is F.A.T. I'd be in the top 40 if I was in college. But now it summer track and I have to come down 3 inches to 39s. With such a fast time over 42s everybody saying I should run 13.3 or 4. My goal is to run 13.2 to break the american record of 13.30. But its like my dad said...I still got to go out and do it. For 39s it is so important to get back on the ground so I have really been working on being quicker over and in between the hurdle. So coach McGill, who by the way is the most underated coach I have ever seen, decided to start changing up my workouts to focus on running quicker and hurdling quicker. To me, this week of practice was really important. We'll see how everything works out. I'll be at SOME MEET, SOME WHERE are in North carolina. lol.

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