Thursday, May 29, 2008

2008 Durham Striders Developmental Meet

Saturday I ran at the Durham Striders Developmental Meet. I competed in the 110 hurdles, 100 and 400 meter dash in the intermediate age group (ages 15-16). The weather was cooperating and allowed for me to run well. I opened the day with the 110 hurdles. I ran a 15.17(fat) beating my previous PR of 15.77(fat). I got out well and hit the last hurdle keeping me from a sub 15 second time. I then competed in the 100 meter dash. I ran a 11.47 another PR. I feel my start in the 100 is keeping me from running 10 seconds in the 100. I have great top end speed, I need to work on getting there faster. the 400 was last. I was so anxious to run the race because all of the training I had done with my dad. I was feeling a sub 50 time. I had plenty of time to recover after I ran the hundred. when my heat was called, I stepped on the track, set my blocks and got focused. RUNNERS TO YOUR MARK! I got into the blocks and before I could set my right hand, the starter yelled " SET!". that threw me off. POW! the gun was shot, and I wasn't even in the set position. I then got set and took off. I was already 1 to 2 seconds behind the clock. I was running in lane 4, I could see everyone else in the race. I was the last one to reach the 200 meter mark. even though I came out late i stayed focused. Once I reached the 200 meter mark I began to turn in on. By the time I got to the last straight away I was running all-out. I ended up winning the 400 meter dash. i set another PR 51.30. that race showed me that I was capable of running a lot faster than I did. It was a pretty great day. it was a nice way to start the USATF Junior Olympic season.

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