Friday, June 3, 2011

Where You Been?

It has been a year since I last posted on this blog. My long absence was mainly due to me being too lazy to even log in. I have been feeling more inspired lately so I decided to open up the the blog again. Alot has happened in this year that I did not blog about. Too much to even blog about, but I will tell you all a few things.

I went off to school at Wake Forest University. I completed my first year as well as my freshman track season. My season did not go as well as I thought, but I came away with some positives and I truly believe that last season was a wake up call to. God is trying to show me that I can be successful and go far but if i am going to do it I am going to have focus up and work harder than I have been.

Another thing that happened which alot of people already know is that, my brother Booker Nunley transferred from South Carolina University to join me at Wake Forest. He was coming off of an awesome sophomore year on the track where he placed second at the 2010 NCAA Indoor Championships in a time of 7.58. His suffered a back injury that hurt his outdoor season. Although he was still able to post a 13.59 second meet out. He took a month off before the SEC Outdoor Championships due to the back injury and placed second with a 13.64. Due to the injury he red-shirted his entire junior year, so he still has two years of eligibility. I did not get to train with him in the fall, but know he is healthy and is looking better than before. i am looking to train with him this fall.

In this past year there has been so much that has happened. This last year has been exhausting and difficult especially since I just started college and had the worst track season I have ever had. I know it is going to get better and I am home for the summer resting, refueling and training so I can make some noise next year at school.


Anonymous said...

Y'all are very inspirational. I hope you keep the blog going.

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