Sunday, August 23, 2009

Nicholas Sparks

Penned The Notebook, among other best-sellers

Ran 1:52 for the 800 meters and 4:11 for the mile in high school.

Earned a track scholarship to Notre Dame where he ran on their school record 4 x 800 meter relay team

Mentors young runners in New Bern, North Carolina.

Like many other people, I tried the other sports and they just weren’t right. I tended a little more towards individualism. I had dreams of making my freshman basketball team way back when, and that didn’t work out. I had had a moderate level of success running in junior high school, nothing major, only a few races. On our team at that time was a guy named Herald Kuphaldt, and he was a great runner and ended up winning the state meet in 1983 or ‘82 in the two mile (Editor’s note: Kuphaldt’s winning time in 1982 was 8:51.99). We were running when he was a freshman, and he said, “If you try here, you could be really good.” And that is really what set me off to try and be as good as I could in track and field.

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