Friday, May 22, 2009

Track Moms Talk on Dyestat

Dyestat has a very interesting feature this week; it is a discussion between track moms and Donna Dye. The article is informative and very interesting. I have picked a few discussions that the moms had while in New York at the National Scholastics Indoor Championship.

Donna: What is a track mom?
Jeana:A track mom is someone who supports her kids by helping them to participate. She helps her children to develop into responsible, kind, caring people by teaching them to win and lose with integrity and to respect and mentor other competitors. She encourages her kids to enjoy all the moments; be happy when you win or improve and learn from your mistakes. Don't dwell on the negative aspects, make a plan for how you can fix it and follow through with your plan. She is also the chauffeur, equipment manager, "water girl", first aid provider and concession queen.

Donna: What should be the role of a track mom? Is there one way, your way, the athlete’s way? Is it bringing the hugs, kisses, tissues, food, cheering on the side or…all/none? How do you decide?
Jeana: My role is to support my child's' passion by getting him to practice, finding the right coaches, keeping him well nourished and hydrated, getting excellent medical care, making sure he his doing his school work , community service and helping him with time management so that he is not overwhelmed. My role is to be his biggest fan and to love him unconditionally regardless of his track performances and school performances. There are times that performances suffer for one reason or another and my job is to help sort out what's going well and what's not going so well and provide support and offer solutions. I need to help him make good choices. I am fortunate that Curtis is very motivated and I don't have to push him at all. I do have to help him manage his time as he would forget to do anything but track. My husband or I attend every meet that we can. I try to fit my "work schedule" around track and my kids' other activities. It's important to be there for them, even if they don't want you. Just being there shows them you care and that you are invested in their interests.

Donna: Is there fun to being a track mom?
Andrea:It is fun but sometimes stressful. I am usually very nervous before a hurdle race. It is so technical that a simple misstep could be horrific. That is what I fear about hurdles. The fun is in seeing my child and others happy and excited about what they accomplished.

Donna: Depending on the event, many meets can be long for track moms. What do yo do when your athlete isn't competing? When he is not around?
Suzanne:Always bring a book or newspaper

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