Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Bern Sets New National 4x400 Record!

This past weekend, New Bern High School traveled to the Amory for the New Balance Collegiate Invitational. New Bern was on a mission, and the only thing in their way was national records. After running 3:13.24 at the KTC Invitational on an oversized track, they wanted to prove they could do it on a legal size track. In the process, New Bern posted a 3:13.06 a new PR, with splits from Anthony Hendrix (47.6), Fuquawn Greene (48.7), Miles Sparks (49.0) and Andrew Hendrix (47.5) set their own national record by winning the junior boys 4x400 in 3:13.06, eclipsing Muir High’s 1996 record of 3:13.34.

The Twins, Anthony and Andrew Hendrix competed in the 600 meter run. Anthony took the gold in a time of 1:18.36 while Andrew came in third with a 1:18.89. New Bern also competed in the 4x200 meter relay. New Bern won the 4x200 with a 1:27.06 setting a new personal record.

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