Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Interview of the Week: Anthony Hendrix

This week I had chance to have a brief chat with the national high school track & field phenom Anthony Hendrix. I asked him just a few questions. Straight out of New Bern High (Track Eastern Track Club), Anthony Hendrix is truly one of the Nation's premiere athletes in track & field. Compiling numerous State and National Championships, Anthony Hendrix has made his mark on high school track & field forever!

Malcolm: When did you and your brother start running track?

Anthony: I started running in the 7th grade.

Malcolm: What events would you say are your best?

Anthony:400 Meter Dash - 47.73
800 Meter Run - 1:51.55
400 Meter Hurdles - 54.21
300 Meter Dash - 35.84
500 Meter Dash - 1:004.64

Malcolm: Now as this being your senior year, what are the goals that you have set?

Anthony: Our goals for this year is to break four records as a team indoor and four outdoor. The 4x200m (1:23.31 Wyatt, Ft. Worth, Texas Winter Park, Florida 5/30/98). The 4x400m (4 x 400 3:07.40 Hawthorne, California Austin, Texas 4/06/85). The 4x800m (4 x 800 7:32.89 Auburn, Washington Raleigh, North Carolina 6/14/02). Also the SMR (Sprint Medley 3:21.15 Hawthorne, California Los Angeles, California 3/16/85).
My goals for this year is to break the 400m (44.69 Darrell Robinson (Wilson, Tacoma, Washington) Indianapolis, Indiana 7/24/82 ) the 500m (1.02) and also the 800m (1:46.45 Michael Granville (Bell Gardens, California) Norwalk, California 5/31/96 ).

Malcolm: Anthony, you run for the Track Eastern track Club, how would you say that Track Eastern has helped you in all your success in track and field so far?

Anthony: Track eastern has helped us a lot because it keeps us in shape and busy and its just been the best team and the only team we have ran for.

Malcolm: How has Coach Dave Simpson and Coach Nicholas Sparks helped you in your career?

Anthony: I think Coach Dave Simpson and Coach Nicholas Sparks have also helped us so much in not just track&field but also in life because without them two I really do not know were I would be at or what I would be doing.

Malcolm: What are your plans after high-school?

Anthony: Right now I have signed with the army but I don't think I will go into the army right away because of all the different schools that are calling.

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