Monday, June 2, 2008

Merritt edges out Wariner

This past weekend, the world witnessed something of epic proportions. Jeremy Wariner was beat by Rival competitor Lashawn Merritt. Earlier in the outdoor season, I got a chance to see Lashawn Merritt run the nations fastest time in the world at the Raleigh Relays. It was pretty cool to see a professional run a low 44. I didn't think a sub 45 second 400 looked like that. Watching the race, Merritt looked real smooth especially in that last 100. This is real promising. Beijing looks to be heated in the 400 meter dash. I'm looking for them to break the 4x400 meter relay record. I'm a real big Michael Johnson fan. I don't know if Johnson's 400 meter record will be standing after this season. I hope so, because I want to break those records.

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